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Sangoma and Digium: Looking to the Future

Bill Wignall

As of this morning, Sangoma’s transformative acquisition of Digium is now complete, and the two companies have started to merge. I am excited about this milestone and the opportunities it [...]


Unified Communications Defined and Other Terms to Know

Mac McCarver

Unified Communications is at the heart of the solutions that Digium and Sangoma provide. Because we’re immersed in it, it can be easy to forget that not everyone knows the [...]


Asterisk 16 and FreePBX 15 Now Available

Jim Machi

Today, at AstriCon, Sangoma announced that Asterisk 16 and FreePBX 15 are now available. This announcement is monumental, not just because these are the next major releases of the world’s [...]


How to Develop Your Business Continuity Plan

Mac McCarver

The right disaster at the wrong time can prove fatal for any business. But organizations that take the time to adequately prepare a business continuity plan stand a much better [...]


Top 10 Web-Based Tools for Small Businesses

Brent Copeland

Running a business, especially a small business where there are limited human resources for different tasks, can become quite harrowing. And the need for being able to connect online with [...]


Why the World Still Needs Gateways

Jim Machi

Someone at a customer meeting asked me a few weeks ago: “Tell me, why does the world still need gateways?” The answer to that questions depends on your perspective. If [...]


5 Ways Attorneys Can Improve Client Communication

Jessica Campas

For attorney offices, clients are the lifeblood, the heartbeat, and the driving source of all that you do. Your clients are depending on you during a sensitive time, such as [...]

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