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How Unified Communications Boosts Workplace Productivity

Mac McCarver

Many organizations fuss around with different apps and new gizmos hoping to find the magic bullet solution to increasing their workplace productivity. But a growing number of businesses are learning [...]


Common Fears about Upgrading a Legacy Phone System

Laura Jane Crocker

There comes a time when every business must reconsider its phone system. Maybe the current equipment is too old or faulty or maintenance fees are adding up— or maybe the [...]


Internet Trends 2019 and the Impact on Enterprise Communications

Jim Machi

This is the time of year I write about the Mary Meeker Internet Trends report, which is a key report covering many different internet related topics. Obviously, I’m just trying [...]


UC Features that Revolutionize Government Offices

Laura Jane Crocker

As a modern-day government employee, you’re hyperconnected. Whether you’re out in the field, engaging with constituents, responding to emails, or answering countless calls, you rely heavily on secure and quality [...]


IoT and UC in the Enterprise

Jim Machi

I have not written about IoT in some time. Since I last wrote about it, there has been firming up of the standards. For instance, NB-IoT and LTE-M are set [...]


The Cost of Not Updating a Healthcare Facility’s Phone System

Tyler Hurt

Doctors, nurses and medical professionals alike know that, in healthcare, every second counts. Providing care for patients quickly and efficiently becomes especially important when tending to those in critical condition. [...]


Unified Communications and the Promise of Cloud

Jim Machi

About nine months ago, IHS Markit and Sangoma presented a webinar titled UCaaS and the Small Business: Adoption and Implementation. I was recently checking something out and went over the [...]

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