Sangoma and Digium: Looking to the Future

Bill Wignall

As of this morning, Sangoma’s transformative acquisition of Digium is now complete, and the two companies have started to merge. I am excited about this milestone and the opportunities it [...]


How to Celebrate National IT Professionals Day

Mac McCarver

Think of all the technology your business relies on to conduct its day-to-day activities. Most likely, your business would either be impossible or incredibly difficult to operate without these tools. [...]


WARNING! Unparalleled Networking Opportunities at AstriCon 2018

David Duffett

We all know that AstriCon has the best conference sessions from Asterisk community members, insightful keynote presentations, and more Asterisk-related products and services than you can shake a stick at, [...]


How Are Companies Adopting VoIP Tech?

Mac McCarver

Adoption rate of VoIP technology is steadily rising in the US, but this trend is not the same everywhere.  Alejandro Gutierrez is the owner and director of Tech 4 Canada, [...]


What’s the Difference in an Auto Attendant and IVR?

Jessica Campas

We’ve all called into a business at some point in time and been greeted by an automated robot attendant. For some people, it works well, and they are satisfied selecting [...]


What’s the Story Behind the Sangoma Digium Deal?

Jim Machi

I’ve been asked two main questions since it was announced that Sangoma was buying Digium. First is “What’s the real story?” As if what we’ve said in the press release [...]


Advantages of IP Phones for Business

Mac McCarver

The process of choosing a new phone system is broad, with many steps involved. Naturally, some parts of the process seem to be less important and are easily forgotten. The [...]

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