New Products, Hooray

By Malcolm Davenport


Malcolm Davenport, product management for boards and appliance products, here.

Last Friday was very exciting as we saw the release of not one, not two, but three new products.

1) VPMADT032, a new small echo cancellation module capable of 128ms/channel, replacing the older VPM100M which only supported 32ms/channel, that supports both the TDM2400P, as a drop in replacement for the VPM100M, and the TDM800P. You’ll need Zaptel or for this one. What’s great about this module aside from a four-fold increase in tail length? Well, it uses the same AT&T certified toll-quality G.168 compliant echo cancellation algorithm as our HPEC software. All of the standard stuff’s there – CNG, adaptive NLP, automatic tail search, double-talk detection, etc. I’m really excited about this product.

2 & 3) S844B & S808B, the analog releases of the Asterisk Appliance 50 product. These two SKUs provide, respectively, 4 FXS + 4 FXO or 8 FXO interfaces. Complete with a handy line calibration tool, they’re now shipping. Yes, this is one product in two SKUs, but I’ve counted it as two products, of the three.


(Edited to address jparker’s comment.)

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  • malcolmd says:


    I’m pretty excited, too. The challenge is going to be somehow prioritizing the zillions of feature requests. 😀

  • That is great news, Malcolm. I am especially excited about any Asterisk Appliance information. I know that these products are going to make a huge splash in the telecom industry.

    I’m looking forward to a larger appliance version, that will include some easy-to-deploy high-availability built in. Just think, if you offer that, then you will get to sell us two appliances instead of just one! It will benefit both Digium and your customers.

    Keep up the great work!


  • malcolmd says:


    Edited to address any confusion that might arise.

    Watch out, ’cause my grammar’s even worse. 😉

  • jparker says:

    I know this is nitpicking, but “4 FXS + FXO” is perhaps a little misleading. It almost looks as if you meant “4 FXS + 1 FXO” (of course, you really meant “4 FXS + 4 FXO”)

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