Pimp your wct4xxp

By Malcolm Davenport

And I mean that in the strictest Xzibit-sense of the word.

Matt Fredrickson’s been putting a lot of work into the multi-port digital card driver. That’d be the following cards:

TE420 , TE410 , TE405 , TE220 , TE210 , TE205 and of course the bundled versions of those cards (TE412/407/212/207).

These performance improvements result in reduced system load, decreased call setup / teardown times, and…we’ve also seen enough improvement that we’re comfortable enabling the hardware-based DTMF support on the VPMOCT128 and VPMOCT064, formerly the VPM450M, modules. So, for everyone that’s been using the relaxdtmf option, check out the latest 1.4 branch of Zaptel code. This new functionality isn’t yet in a tarball’d release, meaning that you won’t see it in, but you should see it in 1.4.6, when it becomes available.

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