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Yes, it’s another products posting. 😀

First up, all of you existing HPEC users out there should upgrade now, ahorra, to the newest release, 9.00.005.  For those of you that might have done your first HPEC install in the past 2 weeks, especially those of you that came by Astricon and got free keys, you’re fine – you’ve already got the latest build.  But, for those of you with an older build, you’ll really want to upgrade.


Because we fixed a bug, that’s why.

What kind of bug?

One that affected primarily 64-bit systems, but also impacted some 32-bit users.

What was the bad thing the bug did?

Well, a bit of memory was being overwritten that caused hard locks, crashes, etc.  In other cases, it was likely affecting your audio, without crashing, and you didn’t even know it.

Is upgrading easy to do?

Yes, simply download the new HPEC binary from, drop it in your Zaptel HPEC directory and rebuild and re-install Zaptel.  “Easy as cake.  Is piece of pie.”

Happy Echo-Free Days 🙂

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