I think; therefore, I nerd

By Malcolm Davenport


As Product Manager for so many of the things that make your life easier, I want to spend most of my time talking about boards and appliances. But, if that’s all I talk about, then many of you are going to get pretty board, get it, especially those of you that want to hear about the things that are uniquely Digium. So, after a hiatus to think of things other than products, I’m back. 🙂

You’ve likely read the last couple of posts here and have seen a few pictures of the new building. But, you haven’t been inside it and you’re asking yourself:

“When I travel to Digium to meet with them about buying millions of dollars of product, in what conference room will I be?”

Well, if you’re on the ground, you’ll meet in either the:

Emperor, Magellanic, or Chinstrap conference rooms.

Good Linux nerds are already clued in at this point; but, I continue.

If you’re on the first floor, second for you Yanks, then you’ll be meeting in the Galapagos, Adelie or Macroni (not Macaroni) conference rooms.

And, if you’re on the second floor, third for you Yanks, then you’ll be meeting in the Fiordland, Gentoo (my personal favorite, not to be confused with Gentoo), Rockhopper (which I simply can’t resist referring to as Rock Lobster) or the Mark C. Smith boardroom.

“We were at a party, his ear lobe fell in the deep. Someone reached in and grabbed it. It was a Rock Lobster.” – B52’s.

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