Inside the Asterisk

Month: November 2007

Digium AA50 Customers

By Malcolm Davenport

Howdy Digium AA50 Customers, We dropped software release onto the BE downloads portal Wednesday of last week, about 25 seconds before everyone left for the Thanksgiving holiday.  Ooh, so [...]

Mailing List Hyjinx

By Malcolm Davenport

When Mark started Asterisk as an open source project, one of his first means of promotion and support was to begin a mailing list.  From that humble list grew a [...]

HPEC Update

By Malcolm Davenport

Aloha, For all of you Digium HPEC users out there, we’ve made another update, this time to version 9.00.007, the James Bond release.  The previous release, 9.00.005, maintained a release number [...]

Dude, Derision is So Sweet

By Malcolm Davenport

I woke up on Saturday morning and did the usual 1) Feed the cat.  He’s hungry and he won’t quit meowing. 2) Hit the treadmill.  I need to lose a [...]