HPEC Update

By Malcolm Davenport


For all of you Digium HPEC users out there, we’ve made another update, this time to version 9.00.007, the James Bond release.  The previous release, 9.00.005, maintained a release number that wasn’t nearly as exciting. 😀


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  • Digium Releases James Bond, (a HPEC Update)…

    If you have been enjoying the High Performance Echo Cancellation from Digium, HPEC, then there is an update available to download. Unlike those other so so releases, this is coming out with the revolver blazing, as the dev team have named the release a…

  • voip says:


    Dem kann ich mich nur anschließen?…

  • Tom says:

    Actually I think it was a Walther PPK not a revolver. 🙂

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