Digium Announces New E1/T1 and Analog Interface Cards

By Malcolm Davenport


There’s actually so much excitement that I’m having to split this into two posts.  We’ll do the first one now, and the next one another day.

Today, Digium announces the immediate availability, subject to all of those Fedex planes making their schedules, of two new E1/T1 interface cards, the TE121 and the TE122, and a new analog interface card, the AEX2400.

What are these cards?

The TE121 and TE122 are an improvement over the older TE120P.

The AEX2400 is a PCI-Express compatible version of our twenty-four port analog PCI card, the TDM2400P.

What do you mean “an improvement?”

Well, the new E1/T1 cards both provide support for hardware echo cancellation, up to 128ms across all channels, via the optional VPMADT032 module.

What’s the difference?

The TE121 is for PCI-Express systems and has an x1 slot, so it’s compatible with any PCI-Express slot.

The TE122 is for PCI systems and it has a universal 3.3/5.0V PCI interface, so it’s compatible with any PCI slot.

What do they cost?

The MSRP of each digital card is $495 USD. That means, when you bundle either with hardware echo cancellation, via the VPMADT032, you’re paying $495 + $235 = $730 USD out the door and into your server. Yee-haw, that’s a smokin’ deal!*

The MSRP of the AEX2400 is $360, without analog modules.

What about the TE120P?

It’s still available, but if you’re running an application where you might want hardware-based echo cancellation, you should buy the TE122, for PCI, or the TE121, for PCI-Express, instead.

Good luck, and happy blogging.


*Note, no used car salesmen were harmed in the utterance of that phrase.

To learn more about Digium’s Analog Interface cards, visit our website!

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There Are 2 Comments

  • Nice Cards… Keep up the good work!

    Mike White

  • malcolmd says:

    Thank you very much. 🙂

    I’m just glad that the cat’s out of the bag. What’s funny though is that our web team indicated they’d have everything a-go by COB yesterday, so I put out the Scoop post. And..within 5 minutes of doing that, the website was up and correct, so I had to sit for a spell and not hit the post button for this one.

    We’ll have another bit of news today or tomorrow… 🙂

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