Digium, the TDM410, and the Genie

By Malcolm Davenport

Things overheard on the Interwebs:

“I wish Digium had a four-port analog card with hardware echo cancellation.”

“I wish Digium had a four-port version of their Voicebus analog cards.”

“I wish Digium had a common driver interface instead of so many different drivers.”

In the words of Robin Williams as The Genie, Digium responds:

“Excuse me? Are you lookin’ at me? Did you rub my lamp? Did you wake me up? Did you bring me here? And all of a sudden you’re walking out on me? I don’t think so, not right now. You’re getting your wishes, so sit down!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, geeks and nerds, Digium is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the TDM410.

The TDM410 is our new four-port analog interface gateway card and is our successor to the wildly popular TDM400 product. Improving upon the TDM400, the TDM410 utilizes our patent-pending VoiceBus interface, as already found on our twenty-four and eight-port analog interface cards, as well as our single port T1/E1 interface cards. With the use of this interface, Digium now maintains a common PCI and driver interface across the range of our analog products; reducing system incompatibilities and driver complexity and increasing ease of use.

For those customers that demand superior voice quality, the TDM410 supports a Digium hardware echo cancellation module.

For those customers that are already buying Digium’s existing single channel trunk and station modules; no worries, they’re 100% compatible with the TDM410.

The TDM410 is priced, without modules at $175 MSRP. The corresponding echo cancellation module, the VPMADT032, is priced at $235 MSRP. Single channel trunk modules are priced at $43.95 MSRP. Single channel station modules are priced at $40.95 MSRP.

“Thank you for choosing “Magic [Digium] Carpet” for all your travel needs. Don’t stand until the rug has come to a complete stop. Thank you. Goodbye, now. Goodbye. Goodbye, thank you. Goodbye”

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