Inside the Asterisk

Month: April 2008

Asterisk Myth Busters – Episode 2

By Danny Windham

Welcome to the second episode of Asterisk Myth Busters. In this installment, we’ll investigate a common misconception regarding the Asterisk contributors’ license agreement. MYTH: Digium requires code contributors to give [...]

Finding a dCAP on LinkedIn

By Digium Webteam

If there’s one thing growing faster than the number of Digium-Certified Asterisk Professionals worldwide, it is the number of opportunities for their skills to be applied. Deep telephony integration requires [...]

Asterisk Myth Busters – Episode 1

By Danny Windham

Here at Digium, we’re big fans of the Discovery channel’s hit series, MythBusters, and its dynamic duo of co hosts, Adam & Jamie. On any given day at Digium you [...]

Thank You Pulver. On to Astricon!

By Julie Webb

Digium would like to take this opportunity to thank all the participants and exhibitors from Digium Asterisk World (DAW) in Boston (October 2007) and San Jose (March 2008). We are [...]

Clearing the Air

By Malcolm Davenport

Hello and greetings to the readers of our Digium blog! Our commitment to our customers and resellers is to always provide factual and accurate information in support of making informed [...]