Where in the world is the AA50?

By Malcolm Davenport


Let’s play question and answer.

“Malcolm, the Digium website page for the AA50 used to say that it was only available in the United States and Canada.  Now, it says it’s available worldwide.  What the dilly, yo?”

You’re correct, the page has changed and now says worldwide.  That means that we’ve completed two things:

1) Our certifications for the use of the AA50 in the United States, Canada, the European Union, and Australia.  Safety, Emissions/Immunity and Telecom are covered for all of the aforementioned.

2) We released software, and then the bug and security fix, so that users could manipulate the electrical characteristics of their analog trunks and stations.  Prior to that, users had to go outside of the GUI and fiddle around with the CLI and configuration files – something that renders them unsupportable.  Now, users can make those modifications in a supportable fashion.

So, the dilly is that the AA50 is now approved for use in a number of countries and is available to resellers via our worldwide network of Distribution partners.


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