Real-life Community

By Digium Webteam

Simply speaking, common interest is the cord that holds together an open source community.  A common interest in solving a problem or addressing a need, a common interest in sharing ideas expressed as software, a common interest in collaborating with other sharp folks on tough problems.

Anyone can publish their software under an open source license, but in the presence of real-life community, something amazing happens. Once a critical mass of interest is reached, the collaboration grows on itself. Ideas are refined, code is critiqued, consensus is built for the best solution. Progress moves forward at a startling rate. A healthy community around an open source project is like fuel for a flame.

You can see then why Digium is so committed to feeding and growing the Asterisk community. As a result of the continuing innovation in open source Asterisk, thousands of developers and entrepreneurs around the world now make their living working on and with open source software. Even many Digium competitors build their solutions on Asterisk. This is all possible because of the healthy community.

Therefore Astricon, as the annual meeting of the Asterisk community, is an important event. To maintain its sanity and perspective, the community needs to interact periodically on a human scale: to meet face to face, share a meal or a beer, to hammer out new ideas in the code zone. To settle flame wars and strike new deals. To share tuning tips and war stories. And it’s a great time to absorb insights from the excellent speakers lined up to share. Truly, Astricon is the place to be for anyone committed to open source telephony.

I’m looking forward to meeting you there.

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