Digium Releases New Analog Board, AEX410

By Malcolm Davenport


Today, Digium announces the immediate availability of the AEX410. The AEX410 is a four-port modular analog PCI-Express x1 telephony interface card for use with Asterisk. This product is a PCI-Express compliment to Digium’s existing PCI-based TDM410 product. The AEX410 provides connectivity, via analog station (FXS) and trunk (FXO) modules to POTS. It may be connected to the PSTN, to other PBXs, or to analog handset devices with those modules. Optional DSP-based 128ms line echo cancellation for the AEX410 is provided by Digium’s VPMADT032 G.168 module.

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Naming Convention

The naming convention for the AEX410 part numbers is as follows:


Where X indicates the number of FXS (station) modules (ports)

Where Y indicates the number of FXO (trunk) modules (ports)

Where Z indicates either B for bundles not containing DSP-based echo cancellation or E for bundles that do contain DSP-based echo cancellation.

Compatible Modules

The following Digium modules are compatible with the AEX410:

S110M – Single Channel Station (FXS) Module

X100M – Single Channel Trunk (FXO) Module

VPMADT032 – DSP-based 128ms Line Echo Cancellation Module

Product Certifications

The AEX410 maintains safety, immunity, and telecom certifications for use in Canada, members of the European Union , and the United States.  Australian certifications are still in progress.

Product Physical Characteristics

Length – 6.48 inches or 16.46 centimeters

Height – 4.20 inches or 10.67 centimeters

Width – 0.68 inches or 1.72 centimeters

Board Weight – 3.5 ounces or 99.22 grams.

Digium Product Compatibility

The AEX410 board product utilizes Digium’s wctdm24xxp driver file that is part of the Zaptel (soon-to-be DAHDI) driver package.  Operation of the AEX410 requires a minimum of Zaptel releases 1.2.25 or 1.4.10.  Digium always recommends that customers wanting to use the AEX410 use the current (newer 1.2.x and 1.4.x are already available) versions intead of the minimum versions.

The AEX410 is compatible with the latest 3.5 release of Switchvox SMB, 9858, and greater.

The AEX410 is compatible with the latest release of Switchvox SOHO, 9858, and greater.

The AEX410 is compatible with Asterisk Business Edition C.1.10.3 and greater.

The AEX410 is compatible with Asterisk Business Edition C.2.0.6 and greater.

The AEX410 is not compatible with any current version of Switchvox Free.

The AEX410 is not compatible with any current version of Asterisk Business Edition B.X or A.X.

The AEX410’s PCI Identifier is d161:8006

Here is sample output from /proc/zaptel, from 1.4 branch Zaptel, for an AEX410:

Span 1:  WCTDM/0 “Wildcard AEX410 Board 1” (MASTER)

IRQ Misses: 0





Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Q: What type of PCI-Express slot is the AEX410 compatible with?
  • A: The AEX410, like all Digium PCI-Express cards, is a PCI-Express x1 card.  This means that the AEX410 is compatible with all PCI-Express slots in all commercially available motherboards.  The AEX410 may be utilized in PCI-Express that are x1, x4, x8, or x16.
  • Q: Do I need to be aware of voltage considerations?
  • A: No.  All PCI-Express slots in commercially available motherboards utilize one voltage setting that is supported by all of Digium’s PCI-Express cards.
  • Q: What is the warranty on the AEX410 product?
  • A: The warranty for the AEX410 product, like the warranty for all of Digium’s board products is five (5) years.  Digium’s warranty policy is available here.
  • Q: Is the AEX410 product eligible for Digium’s ESP Program?
  • A: Yes.  The AEX410 product is eligible for Digium’s ESP Program.  Details covering the ESP Program are available here.
  • Q: Is the pricing for the AEX410 the same as the pricing for the TDM410?
  • A: No.  While pricing for the compatible modules (S110M FXS, X100M FXO, and VPMADT032 Echo Cancelation) remains the same, the pricing for the base board is different.  The TDM410 base board has an MSRP of $175 USD.  The AEX410 base board has an MSRP of $240 USD.

Replaced Product Information

The AEX410 does not replace any existing Digium product.  The AEX410 is a new Digium product.  Therefore, no information about replaced products is available.

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There Are 4 Comments

  • Nice! – The way I see it, this was the missing piece on the analog side. – Now if there was an 8 port T1 card 😉

  • Sergey says:

    Sorry for my english
    I have the device fitted OpenVox A400P driver dahdi
    Republic of Kazakhstan shall apply the standards FSK / DTMF
    can not perform the correct settings for Caller ID
    to help make adjustments .сonf files

  • Tiger says:

    Can you recommend a Mini PC chassis for this PCI Express card ?
    Thanks in advance

  • Howdy,

    I can’t, sorry. Also the AEX410 has been usurped by the A4B card. The A4B is low-profile, in addition to being half-length, so it should be even easier to find a smaller chassis that can accommodate it.


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