Paris is for Lovers, Miami is for Switchvox

By Digium Webteam

If you’re planning to travel, you can usually find a guidebook tailored for your specific interests- Hawaii for cyclists, Panama for foodies, and China for art lovers. Well, think of this post as your guide to Digium Asterisk World for Switchvoxers…er Switchvoxites, Switchvoxists?….Well, you get the idea- if you’re looking to learn all you can about Digium’s award winning line of Switchvox phone systems for small and medium businesses, here are the sessions and events you’ll definitely not want to miss!

  1. Take a Switchvox Training Course – Tuesday, Feb 3, from 8:30am-5:00pm with a break for lunch, you can learn everything you need to get started with the entire line of Switchvox PBX systems. By the end of the day, you’ll know all about what Switchvox is, how to prepare to install one, the steps needed for physical installation and you’ll have a handle on the features that companies use most, including Auto-Attendants, Voicemail and Conferencing. Added bonus: Every attendee to the training course gets a Digium TDM411B Analog card (1 FXO port + 1 FXS port) and a Polycom SoundPoint® IP 330 SIP Phone along with a t-shirt, bag, stickers and other nice schwag. Sweet!
  2. “Web-Aware Unified Communications with Switchvox” – On Wednesday, Feb 4 from 8:30-9:15am come join me for the first session on the Reseller conference track and learn how mashing up Unified Communications features and web applications allows your customers to make better, faster decisions at work, and get business done. If you’d like to see the future of phone systems, don’t miss this one! And I’m not just saying that because it’s my session.
  3. “Ingredients for Successful Asterisk PBX Sales” – On Wednesday, Feb 4 from 1:30-2:15pm I’m moderating this panel where Switchvox is sure to be discussed a fair amount. I’m lucky to have joining me as panelists some of the best and brightest in the industry and to be perfectly honest, some of my favorite people I’ve met through shows like Digium Asterisk World. Ivan Kohler of Freeside, Bryan Johns of Shelton Johns, Peter Weyant of Interlink, Ravi Sakaria of VoicePulse and Michael Munger of High Powered Help will all be on hand to describe the features most requested by customers, the strategies they use for comparing against big iron systems, and how resellers can leverage these specific elements for successful advertising and sales of Asterisk-based systems. That’s going to be awesome, frankly.
  4. Visit the Digium Booth for a Switchvox Demo – During every hour the exhibit hall is open, we’ll have 3 available stations where you can get a demo of a live system in the Digium booth, D 01. Getting a demo is a great way to get your questions answered about the systems specific capabilities- sure, you know Switchvox has got voicemail built in, but in the booth, you can see and hear how voicemail system really works. Little known fact: we won’t shoo you away if you want to avoid long distance charges and use the phones in the booth…as long as you tell your friend that the great sounding phone call is coming from a Switchvox PBX!

I really hope to see you at the show, it’s going to be the best Digium Asterisk World ever for anyone interested in Switchvox!

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