Just the Fax, ma’am

By Malcolm Davenport


Long time no blog, for me anyway. It’s nice to speak to everyone again. 🙂

I’m blogging, because today I am a solicitor – not in the legal sense, thank you. I’m soliciting testers for a new Asterisk fax product. This fax product improves upon existing Asterisk fax products by offering better multi-page performance with fewer failures, better compatibility with older fax machines, and lower bit-error rates in noisy environments.


  1. High Degree of familiarity with Asterisk dialplan construction.
  2. Time to test. We need people that can hop to it, and test quickly.
  3. Ability to devote a server and some Digium boards (supplied by you and already at your disposal) and / or fax-enabled VoIP service provider accounts (also supplied by you) to the testing.
  4. A good usage case for using fax with Asterisk.

Interested parties may e-mail me directly, responding to each of the four above qualifications. That’s my first name, my last initial, at digium.com -that’s [email protected]

Parties accepted into the beta and who provide useful assistance and feedback will be compensated with a free license of the Asterisk fax product upon its release.

Thank you, and I hope to speak to all of you again shortly. 🙂

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