Asterisk says “Hello” to Fax

By Malcolm Davenport

If you ask Google about faxing for Asterisk, with the search keywords asterisk and fax, and you ask Google to omit similar entries, you’ll end up with 52 pages of results.

If you ask Google how many times fax has been mentioned on an Asterisk mailing list, by setting the site parameter to, then Google tells you there are 1120 utterances.

Yesterday, if you asked Digium for help in faxing documents through Asterisk, we’d have apologized and said that we didn’t offer a fax solution for Asterisk.

That was yesterday.

Today, Digium is pleased to announce Fax For Asterisk.

Fax For Asterisk is a commercial facsimile (Fax) termination and origination solution designed to enhance the capabilities of Open Source and commercial Asterisk as well as Switchvox. Fax For Asterisk bundles a suite of user-friendly Asterisk applications and a licensed version of the industry’s leading fax modem software from Commetrex. Fax For Asterisk provides low speed (14400bps) PSTN faxing via DAHDI-compatible telephony boards as well as VoIP faxing to T.38-compatible SIP endpoints and service providers. Licensed on a per-channel basis, Digium’s Fax For Asterisk provides a complete, cost-effective, commercial fax solution for Asterisk users.

Wait, I’ve forgotten something…okay, not really. There’s also Free Fax For Asterisk. Free Fax For Asterisk provides a single-channel only, per Asterisk, version of Fax For Asterisk, for free. Want to use Free Fax For Asterisk now? Visit the Digium webstore and get a license, free of charge.

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  • Tanner Ciganick says:

    Well done Digium! I just broadcast news of this across the social networking channels. Thank-you for continuing development.

  • Yes this is excellent news! Great job guys!

  • Hello Raj,

    That means that the Astersisk fax resource modules were not loaded. From the Asterisk CLI, perform:

    module load
    module load

    And return the output.

  • Raj says:

    from Digium Web Store i obtained a free copy for testing and later make purchase and followed all the instructions from README but when i tried *CLI> fax show stats i got No such command ‘fax show stats’ (type ‘help fax show’ for other possible commands) so is there any other prerequisites for Fax Application provided by Digium? if so why there is no mention of prerequisites? please provide us the Step by Step Guide for Faxing………..we have been waiting for it since long time….!
    another question would be included in Asterisk GUI? i hope.

    Thank you.

  • Raj says:

    Hello Malcolm,

    Thank you for the response, i tried that after reading in fax_for_asterisk_admin_manual but still the same No such command ‘fax show stats’ (type ‘help fax show’ for other possible commands) im running AsteriskNow 1.5.

  • Howdy,

    And what was the CLI output after running, from the Asterisk CLI:
    module load
    module load

  • Raj says:


    When i tried that module load

    Output is here:

    module load
    module load

    nothing happens upon issueing above commands.

    and from CLI> fax show stats

    “No such command ‘fax show stats’ (type ‘help fax show’ for other possible commands)”

    as its not recognizing any fax commands and when i tried “show applications” fax is not there.

  • Howdy,

    Nothing happens? That’s not very likely. Even trying to load a non-existant module reports that the object could not be found.

    The res_fax and res_fax_digium modules should be loaded automatically by Asterisk when it starts, if they’re present in the /usr/lib/asterisk/modules directory. If they’re not loading automatically, then Asterisk would continue to load, but you’d want to try to manually load the modules to see if an error message is thrown.

    You can’t perform “fax show stats” because the module that provides that capability is not loaded. The commands:

    module load
    module load

    Are manual commands so that we can see the output to see why Asterisk isn’t automatically able to load them.


  • Raj says:


    Since i cant paste screen shot in here i will type what i see on my ssh screen,

    [[email protected] ~]# asterisk -rx “module load”
    [[email protected] ~]# asterisk -rx “module load”
    [[email protected] ~]# locate
    [[email protected] ~]#

    and from CLI>Connected to Asterisk currently running on account4 (pid = 2869)
    Verbosity is at least 13
    account4*CLI> module load
    account4*CLI> module load

    thats a copy paste of SSH Session. i dont know where im making mistake i followed exactly what i read on Readme and Administrator Manual available on Digium website but still.

    Thank you for your help Malcolm.

  • Howdy,

    Let’s pick this up on the Free Fax For Asterisk forums at:


  • Digium takes on the “fax issue” with Fax For Asterisk……

    I can’t stand fax. I can’t. It’s a technology that I just wish would go away. It kills me that fax is one of the main reasons I didn’t drop my landline in my move. Yet the reality is that……

  • says:

    I do it, That’s great and working fine! it’s simple to use and DOC also ^_^

  • Hi,
    All the guys are talking about the FAX facility in Switchvox..
    Any body know any incoming FAX facility is there in it..?
    How to configure it..

  • Howdy,

    Switchvox detects incoming faxes across Digium PSTN interfaces or via T.38-enabled service providers. In the event that a fax is detected, then Switchvox will render the call into a PDF that gets dropped into an e-mail account associated with the DID that was dialed – or into a named extension defined for incoming calls across a particular trunk.

    Configuration requires claiming your complimentary Fax key (visit the Digium Addons page and the “Switchvox Addons” link there) and installation of the Fax addon package (follow the instructions after your registered your Fax key).

    Configuration is automated; if you require specific configuration tweaks, options are available in in the Fax Settings section of the Provider or Hardware setup. For more information, please refer to the Switchvox administrator’s manual or contact your reseller.


  • JasonJMP says:

    We have been having trouble getting to anyone else?

  • cougarmaster says:

    cant get or to load it always says failed. I tried all versions of it and it wont load. I am using Asterisk

  • sax says:

    Good morning.
    I tried to install freefax. When i tried that module load

    module load
    module load

    I obtain:
    Unable to load module
    Command ‘module load’ failed.

    I need help

  • Howdy,

    Free Fax for Asterisk does not come with technical support (it’s free). You’re welcome to ask other users on the forum here for their insight.


  • sax says:

    Hi, when I edit: fax show stats ,
    I obtain the following output:
    No such command ‘fax show stats’ (type ‘help fax show’ for other possible commands).

    Can you help me to solve this problem?


  • Howdy,

    As mentioned, Free Fax for Asterisk does not come with technical support (it’s free). You’re welcome to ask other users of Free Fax for Asterisk on the forum here for help.


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