www.asterisk.org gets a facelift!

By Digium Webteam

Asterisk is building lots of momentum; it’s obvious from the number of books, articles, videos, “how-to” documents, conferences, and resources that now flood the internet and make any search on “VoIP” almost always come up with Asterisk contained in the top pages.

But as that momentum of resources has built, some parts of the Asterisk community infrastructure haven’t kept up with the wave of new demand for information.  The “asterisk.org” website has served well over the last few years as a fairly static repository of information, but after some review it was determined that a new structure was needed to give better access to the community as well as present a new style that was a bit more suited to the vibrancy of the project.

Today, we’re introducing today the re-worked “asterisk.org” website. It’s live already – take a look! Our goal has been to become the first source people look to when they’re wanting more information about Asterisk or anything Asterisk-related.  Asterisk.org has always been the place to look for the code, and the mailing lists have been a tremendous resource for anyone with questions and discussions.  Now the website itself will have the ability to keep up with those two other foundational items in the Asterisk community, and we hope to make it the permanent repository for answers to any kind of question that involves Asterisk.

Here are some of the big changes:

– Better community involvement: Some of these documentation areas will be edited entirely by community members (appoint yourself!) and some areas, like the documentation on actual code parameters, will be able to have comments and additional data added to it.  The site has previously not been edited by a wide number of community members, and it’s time to harness the incredible energy and enthusiasm of the Asterisk developer, implementer, and user community.

– Reference Documentation: The documentation that is embedded in Asterisk is now extracted and published on the site.  You can add your own notes, FAQs, or examples to the documentation for everyone else to use. This is only a fraction of the documentation we hope to have published eventually (much more “free-form” documentation is planned and expected from Digium as well as the community) so it’s a good start.

– New Format: The new format is hoped to be easier to navigate, and the graphics have been updated.

To start with, the site is going to have some holes and empty spots where data should go.  See something you like?  Something you want to edit?  Something you’d like to see added?  If you know what really needs to be there… put it in!  Or if it’s not obvious that you can edit the page, ask me ([email protected]) and we’ll see if we can add you as an editor for that section.  (AstriCon is also this week, so please be patient with the inquiries.)  We’re going to try to open things up as quickly as we can while still ensuring good data.

We hope you like the new format.  The coming weeks will see significant changes and additions as well; stay tuned for interesting announcements here, and at AstriCon this coming week!


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