Inside the Asterisk

Month: April 2010

More Fax, More Features

By Malcolm Davenport

Aloha, In Digium’s continuing quest to deliver you, our users of Free Fax For Asterisk, and our customers of Fax For Asterisk, with the best possible solution, we are pleased [...]

Straight from the Source’s Mouth: Three Insiders Speak About Asterisk

By Julie Webb

We invite all of our friends in Europe to stop by the AstriEurop exhibition taking place April 14 – 16th  in the Espace Champerret in Paris.  AstriEurop is the meeting [...]

AstriCon 2010: Back to Basics

By Digium Webteam

As the Asterisk project has grown, the complexity of deployments has increased, and the number of solutions surrounding the project has exploded in quantity.  Each year, the process of choosing [...]