Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech Solutions for All

By Julie Webb

Guest Blogger – Tim Kruse is the VP of Sales and Business Development for Incendonet, a Digium software partner.  He has been involved with speech recognition and advanced communication solutions for more than 15 years and will be presenting during an upcoming webinar on July 13th at 12PM CST.

I have been working with speech recognition technology since 1999 and appreciate how far the technology has come.  As with many technologies we come across, the more we all use them the better they seem to work.  We all become trained by our daily interactions.  If technology is useful, affordable and easy to implement than eventually most of us will adopt it.

For many Small and Medium sized Businesses (SMBs), the idea of implementing advanced speech recognition and text-to-speech solutions hasn’t really occurred. Most aren’t aware that speech recognition based offerings created with SMBs in mind even exist. Even in today’s Internet age with websites, social networking, chat, email, and text messaging, our business phone system is still the focal point of interactions with our customers, and speech recognition has been shown to be the preferred method for interacting with self-service applications. SMBs need to do more with less, better serve their customers, project a professional image to the outside world and allow their employees to be more productive in today’s mobile world. Here are some of the ways my company has helped SMBs. use speech recognition based solutions.

  • A small school district was inundated with calls first thing in the morning and when school let out in the afternoon.   A significant portion of the calls were simple call transfer requests.  The school district implemented our speech-attendant to off load call transfers and freed up help desk employees to better serve parents with more complex inquiries.
  • A construction company needed our help so their field workers collaborate by calling one main number and simply stating the person or the department they needed to reach.  These workers were able to collaborate as necessary with safe hands-free and eyes-free access to each other as well as stay connected to their corporate e-mail and calendars using simple, spoken commands.
  • A winery located in California, where hands-free legislation exists for mobile phone users when driving, wanted to better serve their customers by replacing their dial-by-name directory with our speech-attendant.   To improve collaboration for their field workers they also created a custom sub-directory of employee’s mobile phone numbers.

With Digium’s support of standards like SIP, companies of all sizes have the power and flexibility to easily add speech recognition based solutions to their VoIP phone systems.  Specialized VoIP appliances such as Switchvox and SpeechBridge enable SMBs to implement advanced communications solutions previously reserved for only large enterprises and call centers.

Tim Kruse, VP of Sales and Business Development for Incendonet, will be the featured speaker at the next Asterisk In-Depth Webinar.  The webinar will take place on Tuesday, July 13th at 12PMCST.

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