The Everything Asterisk Video Collection

By Steve Sokol
Share this:Share on Facebook0Tweet about this on TwitterShare on LinkedIn0Pin on Pinterest0 Video Resources PageAs part of our ongoing effort to take over the world with Asterisk, I’ve put together a new “Asterisk Video Resources” page on the site.  It contains about 40 videos.  Some are tutorials, others are background material.  Some are a bit out of date (dare I say, retro?) but are still worth a look.  Many of them are community contributed — yet another validation of the open source way of doing things.  Over the next few weeks you should see more content pouring in and, with any luck, a bit more organization.

If you happen to have any Asterisk videos that you would like to share (including any hilarious candid moments from AstriCon), please send them to me.  (ssokol [at] asterisk [dot] org).  Better yet, show up to AstriCon and shoot some new fun!



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Steve Sokol

Steven Sokol is co-founder and product lead for Respoke, Digium's real-time communications (WebRTC) platform and continues to serve as the director of strategic programs at Digium (aka entrepreneur in residence), identifying and capitalizing on emerging technologies.. He has previously served as the Asterisk marketing director and as a product manager. He joined Digium in the summer of 2007 when his startup was acquired. Steve co-founded both AstriCon, the annual Asterisk user conference, and the Asterisk Bootcamp training program. He lives in Kansas City.

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