Inside the Asterisk

Month: November 2010

The IVR Clinic with Allison Smith – The 15 Commandments of IVR

By Allison Smith

We’re in the homestretch now! Only four more Commandments to tackle after this installment – and today’s topic has raised a lot of debate and excitement amongst my “IVR Dojos” – my IVR experts who have helped and advised me along the way with this blog. Today, we’re dealing with Commandment #11: “Don’t Go Overboard With Niceties” – a very bad tendency that a good many IVR writers and the designers of on-hold systems in particular fall victim to. [...]

Announcing the 2010 Digium Innovation Award Winner

By Julie Webb

Honoree uses Asterisk®, the open source telephony platform, to Connect 100,000 Legacy Phone Users Supporting 7 Million Calls for Portuguese Institutions The 2010 Digium Innovation Award is ITCenter, located in [...]

The IVR Clinic with Allison Smith

By Allison Smith

Commandment #10: “Name Your Company Something That Needs No Special Instruction” Thanks for your patience while I took a break from the “15 Commandments of IVR” Series to report from AstriCon – I’m back with the latest and one of the most pivotal installments of the series: Commandment #10: “Name Your Company Something That Needs No Special Instruction” – however, I acknowledge that it’s probably too late to implement this. [...]

Finding My Footing

By Bryan Johns

Hello, Asterisk Community. My name is Bryan Johns.  I am a long-time Asterisk proponent and promoter who comes from a seven year history of deploying Asterisk solutions into corporations and [...]

AstriCon 2010 Keynote: The Future of Open Source Communications

By Steve Sokol

For anyone who wasn’t at this year’s AstriCon, here is a video of Kevin Fleming’s keynote address announcing Asterisk SCF. [...]