Inside the Asterisk

Month: April 2011

Digium Update – Friday April 29

By Danny Windham

Following Wednesday’s violent weather, Digium continues to operate with a skeleton staff.  As of this morning, power to the region has not been restored, and local carriers and ISPs are [...]

Digium Operations Impacted by Tornado Outbreak

By Danny Windham

Dear customers, friends and colleagues of Digium, The region of the US where Digium is headquartered (North Alabama) was hit hard yesterday by the worst tornado outbreak in 30 years.  [...]

Astricon 2011 Call for Speakers

By Bryan Johns

It’s that time of year again!  Digium is excited to announce Astricon 2011 to be held October 25-27 this year in Denver, Colorado.  Now that we know where and when [...]

Asterisk SCF Performs at SIPit 28

By Bryan Johns

Digium was honored to host the SIP Forum’s SIPit 28 interoperability testing event April 11-15 in Huntsville, Alabama. At this event, Asterisk SCF was put through a series of tests [...]

Asterisk Sound Files 101!

By Allison Smith

Need a little help mastering sound files? In an interview with Digium’s Rod Montgomery, I get him to share some great tips and answers to common questions in this audio [...]