Using AutoDialer: A Better Way to Reach Customers

By Dan Ribar

Today’s guest blogger, Dan Ribar, takes a look at how the Switchvox AutoDialer feature helped improve business operations for 1St Guard, by making it easier to reach out to their customers.

In most businesses,  there is a need to contact customers on a periodic basis for anything from appointment verification to account or billing problems. Sans technology,  the best thing has historically been to put a couple people on the telephones and have them make the calls.  Back in time, at 1st Guard, we followed this proven [lack-of] technology.

More recently we saw the emergence of Software-as-a-Service vendors that would provide that automation for a price.  They become your hired-hand in the outbound calling world by letting you upload a recording or two that might say “Your account is overdue, please call 800-xxx-xxxx”.  Add in a spreadsheet of numbers to call and the service makes those calls on whatever schedule you’d like.  Pretty cool, right? 1st Guard used a service by that worked very well for quite a while.

The downside of a service like this is that there is still quite a bit of hand-holding and the inherent cost of using an outside service.  The true mechanics that only the geek in the computer room knows about goes something like this: query the database; export to an excel spreadsheet; upload to the service; create the schedule; execute the schedule; download the results; import into the database; write some t-sql to update the original customer records that a call was made with the results.  Arghhhh. Doesn’t sound like true “automation” to me.

The 1st Guard technology field is mostly comprised of Microsoft and Apple tools.  So the technology staff writes either in or Objective-c land and communicates in-band to a SQL back end thru various methods.  Enter Digium Switchvox and their SDK.

On a Friday in January the concept of building our own AutoDialer (it’s new name) using the Switchvox platform as the engine was born.  One week later,  it was in production.  It’s great to brag about the technology genius at 1st Guard,  but the most important factor here is the ease of use of the SDK.  Bad SDK = long development time.  The bulk of our time was spent tweaking the scheduling loop – call times; time between calls; retry times; etc.. The phone call function was fairly easy once you were ready to make the call.  In our case,  we just connected the call to an IVR that announces the reason for the call and presents a few IVR options: connect me to an agent; the checks in the mail; etc..

So consider that geek in the computer room with his integrated AutoDialer.  Here’s his new process: pull up the page that shows the customers to call; verify the schedule; click [execute]…that’s it.  Since its integrated the results of each call are instantly added to the customer’s account.  No spreadsheets. No uploading or downloading. And, in 1st Guard’s experience, it’s also easy to add the job metrics (attempted calls; completed calls; estimated time of completion, etc) to any dashboard.

Beyond the AutoDialer itself, the ability to add a call request is enhanced.  Say an agent is on a customer screen and sees a soon-to-be expired credit card.  Easy, click [add reminder call] and the call is added to the AutoDialer. Very cool.

The projections of “Digium Switchvox value add” continue to reveal themselves at 1st Guard Corp.

Are you using AutoDialer or other Switchvox features?

Leave a comment and let us know how Switchvox is making business easier for you and we may feature your story, next!

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  • Trenton says:

    Autodialers are the absolute worst communication system and don’t improve customer relations. Most people just ignore these robotic automated calls and you still need a representative to resolve the issue. Would never use this in my business.

  • Neil Y says:

    Can we see a working example? I would like to try it and see if works at my company.

  • Eric A says:

    To see a working example it is quite simple in fact.

    Don’t pay your utility bill and they will use an automated system to call you.

    Good day 🙂


  • bob marley says:

    If you are looking for an auto-dialer service there is none better than Cdialer! i have been a loyal customer for almost two years now and couldnt be happier.

    check out Cdialer!

  • This blog is very informative.. great content about auto dialer.. thank you for sharing this.

  • EmilieOlivia says:

    This blog is very informative.. great content about auto dialer.. thank you for sharing this.

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