Asterisk SCF Steering Committee: Call For Participation

By Kevin P. Fleming
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(Apologies in advance that this is a bit longer than a typical blog post; please don’t stop reading after the first couple of paragraphs <G>)

A little over a year ago, when the Asterisk SCF project was just getting started, we invited interested community members to help us form a steering committee. The committee’s purpose was to help shape the direction of Asterisk SCF development, in order to ensure that it would serve the needs of community members.

The committee was formed and began having somewhat regular meetings (via conference call); the meetings are documented (and recordings posted) here:

In the beginning, the committee’s task was fairly easy to define: we (at Digium) had already agreed on some basic pieces of technology, and some design criteria, but we needed help figuring out exactly how we should assemble these pieces. In other words, we knew how to make things that people wanted to use, but we needed people to tell us *what* to make.

Some of us then spent time interviewing various people and companies, in order to determine what would be most useful to them in an Asterisk SCF 1.0 release. We combined the results of those interviews into a candidate feature list, and asked the committee to help us determine whether that was the *right* list of features to build first. The group was in agreement, so development began in earnest.

Now, it’s about seven months later and development is continuing at a frenetic pace… but the committee has become somewhat disengaged. It’s even been difficult to get a reasonable number of members to participate in the (now monthly) conference calls. It’s understandable to have a member or two occasionally unable to join – we understand everyone has regular jobs, and travel sometimes interferes, etc.; but we’d hoped to have at least two or three of the six community members be able to join each call.

In just a couple of months, we intend to make the first beta release(s) of Asterisk SCF available. When that happens, it will be quite important that we have the community’s involvement to ensure:

* we continue heading down the right path

* we’re addressing the right problems and feature requests that arise once the beta testing process has started

* we’re providing the right documentation, examples and other assistance to get interested users able to actually use Asterisk SCF in their networks

So, I’m posting this call to see if we can get things moving in the right direction again. If you are interested in helping to shape the future of Asterisk SCF development, please speak up! It’s not necessary to commit multiple hours per week to this effort, but it’s important that those who volunteer to be a member of the steering committee be able to stay engaged with the project, participate on the conference calls, and be able to spend at least an hour reviewing documentation and other details a few days before the conference call in order to facilitate discussion and decision-making.

For this to be a true Steering Committee, those of us doing the bulk of the Asterisk SCF development are willing to commit to documenting our research, describing that to the committee and working to reach a consensus on how we should proceed… but only if the committee itself is willing to commit to being a full participant in the process. Without that level of commitment, development grinds to a halt, or decisions have to be made without community interaction; neither of those are what we would wish to be the case.

So here’s the call to action: join the committee, and help us make Asterisk SCF into the best framework for building communications applications that you can envision!

If you aren’t already subscribed, head over to and subscribe to the asterisk-scf-dev mailing list, so you can let us know that you’d like to help (or if you aren’t ready to join, you can at least participate in the conversations there). We look forward to hearing from you!

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  • Bob Inpyn says:

    I am not a programer. I am a business owner who has been in VoIP for 13 years. I am very committed to Voice and it’s growth, Been on several NDA development groups that have help grow IP technology as well as Voice.


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