Digium has your back with new R-Series Redundancy Appliances

By Pete Engler
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In case you haven’t heard, we just introduced our family of Redundancy appliances, officially called “R-Series.” Using these inexpensive, flexible products, administrators of Asterisk-based communications systems can build fully redundant solutions that allow continued communications in the event of a software or hardware failure. The R-Series products used in conjunction with Asterisk will ensure communications resiliency in the most demanding environments.

In other words, R-Series appliances allow physical-layer failover of digital (T1, E1, PRI or BRI) or analog telephone connections to Asterisk systems. If the primary server fails, the R-Series device will move all telecommunications services to the backup server. The product integrates with software that mirrors configuration data between the primary and backup systems, monitors system health and, in the event of an outage on the primary, transitions all operations to the backup system. Communication between the Asterisk servers and the R-Series product is accomplished via USB connections. The USB links also power the R-Series device, saving energy and eliminating a potential point of failure.

Asterisk’s remarkable success as a platform for creating custom communications solutions stems from its power, flexibility and cost effectiveness. Businesses can design and implement the solutions they need without concern for cost. As Asterisk has continued to grow in popularity, customers and integrators have asked for a product that allows them to create high-availability solutions that stand up even in the face of catastrophic hardware or software failures. The R-Series family fills that need and does so at a price point that makes working with Asterisk even more appealing. – Steve Sokol, director of Asterisk marketing at Digium

Two R-Series models are available, the R800 and the R850. The R800 supports up to eight analog (POTS) circuits while the R850 handles up to eight digital (T1, E1, PRI or BRI) spans. Both are 1U rack mount devices. Check out the R-Series appliances online for additional technical details and pricing.

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Pete Engler

Pete Engler is the Channel Marketing Manager at Digium. He joined the company in 2008 as the Product Manager for Asterisk hardware products before moving to Marketing. Prior to Digium, he served as a Product Manager in the Enterprise and SMB teams with Avocent Corporation, Applications Engineering at ADTRAN and 10 years in Information Technology as a Desktop and Network Administrator. As Channel Marketing Manager, Pete is responsible for channel marketing and lead gen programs for Digium’s worldwide network of partners, as well as marketing campaigns that continue to drive demand for Digium’s portfolio of telephony products, including Switchvox Unified Communications phone systems and Switchvox Cloud; and products for custom communications projects with open source Asterisk.

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