Asterisk 10 Lives!

By Steve Sokol

If you grew up in the late 1970s or early 1980s you might remember a series of commercials starring world renowned director and actor Orson Wells.  The commercials, which promoted the now defunct Paul Masson winery, always ended with the catchphrase “We’ll sell no wine before its time.” intoned with great feeling.  It’s undeniably sad that an iconic 20th century artist such as Wells was reduced to hawking cheap bubbly, but that catch phrase was pure gold.  It speaks of a commitment to quality.  It reminds us that great things cannot be rushed.  And as it is with wine, so it is with software.

In late October at AstriCon we announced Asterisk 10, the latest and greatest version of the most widely adopted open source communications engine on the planet.  We extolled the virtues of its new high definition media engine.  We regaled reporters and analysts with stories of ConfBridge, the amazing new audio and video conferencing application that shows off our media-fu.  We crowed about the new protocol independent text routing capabilities.  We even touted the addition of T.38 fax gateway support.  What we didn’t say is “and you can download it now”.  Why not?  Because we’ll sell no wine before its time.  As much as we would have liked to release Asterisk 10 at AstriCon, it wasn’t quite ready.

I’m extremely happy to announce that today is the time.  The last of the blockers have been addressed.  The development team has given the green light.  As of 4:37 PM central time, Asterisk 10.0.0 is available for download.  So go forth, download, compile, install and celebrate.

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  • Hola, mi nombre es Ariel Bobadilla, y me gustaría conocer más sobre El BootCamp, y por favor cuando puedas, mándame todas las informaciones que me puedas facilitar sobre ese programa, por favor, si le es posible.

    En verdad soy una persona que estoy interesado en tener una PBX, y también poder tener un programa donde yo pueda administrar clientes que yo consiga y/o capte, (Esto es: Clientes de Cyber Caffe), para ofrecerle un tipo de programa para que a su vez ellos puedan administrar las llamadas a sus cliente que llamen o saquen llamadas a otros países llamando a sus familiares.

    A que me refiero cuando hablo de esto clientes, mas bien estos clientes son personas que tienen Cyber Caffe y/o Centros de Internet.

    Otra cosa, no se mucho de PBX, solo lo que he oído y visto acerca de esto, y lo que visto son algunas cosas en la página de Digium y/o Asterisk, cuando puedo.

    Atte.: Ariel Bobadilla
    Cel.: 809-713-8047
    Lugar donde vivo: Santo Domingo, República Dominicana.

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