Can Your Phone System Do This?

By Angie Reed

Can your phone help Automate Account Billing? It’s time to consider new ways to make your phone system work for you!

Are you ready to take your business phone system further in 2012? In this three-part blog series, we will answer the question, “How can I do this with my phone system?” And you will see how easy it is for organizations of all types and sizes to extend the power of their phone system and tie it into other applications to automate workflow.  To get things started, our first post features a scenario from a University that is looking for a solution to automate and accurately bill its students for their long distance calling usage.

Automate Account Billing for Long Distance Charges:

Recently, our Digium distributor in Australia – Wavelink, needed a solution to support PIN Code authorization and billing for one of their customers, a large University.  The University wanted to bill students for their long-distant calling from campus phones.  To accurately track this usage, it required that each student receive a unique PIN Code that must be entered on any campus telephone before making an outbound call or long-distance call.  Once the student entered their PIN Code, the information would be recorded, allowing the student to place their calls and enabling the University to appropriately track and bill those minutes.  Each month the student would then receive a statement based on their usage under their unique PIN code

How can this be accomplished?

The answer is through the Extend API in Switchvox.  Resource Software International Ltd. (RSI), a recognized leader in providing total Unified Communications (UC) management solutions, has created this integration into their Shadow CMS Call Accounting software.  By using the Extend API in Switchvox, RSI created a custom integration with Switchvox and their Shadow CMS Software to provide this capability to track calls placed through the Switchvox phone system and appropriately bill users for their long distance usage.

RSI notes that:  “Specifically, this solution bridges Switchvox and the Shadow CMS Enterprise personnel directory.   Callers can now be assigned a special pin code, authorization code, password or account number and authenticated with the personnel directory within Shadow CMS Enterprise.   This allows every call to be verified for greater accountability, control, and accurate billing.”


Many of the features in Switchvox can be used via the Open Extend API, which means you can weave your phone system into your other business applications to create powerful customer service and productivity tools.  The Extend API lets you build integrations with Switchvox using common programming languages such as PERL and PHP.  Stay tuned as we highlight other integrations.  In the meantime, see how you can get started developing with the Switchvox Extend API today.

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