Oh Certified Asterisk, Where Do You Come From?

By Kevin P. Fleming
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(Wherein Kevin explains how Asterisk branching, tagging and releases work, and how Certified Asterisk fits into the picture… with an actual picture!)

A couple of days ago, Malcolm Davenport posted here about Certified Asterisk, a new series of Open Source Asterisk releases being produced by Digium. Since that post went out, there’s been some discussion (almost confusion) in the Asterisk community about exactly where the Certified Asterisk releases are coming from, and what they contain. In order to try to help describe how this whole process works, I’ve created this page on the Asterisk Wiki which includes a diagram showing how all the current development and releases branches relate to each other, where tags (and releases) are made, and most importantly, how the Certified Asterisk branches are produced.

I hope this will reduce (even eliminate) confusion about what exactly these releases consist of, and will more clearly demonstrate how the various types of Asterisk releases meet the needs of the different categories of users that Malcolm described in his post. Sometimes, a picture is, in fact, worth many more than a thousand words!

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