Inside the Asterisk

Month: August 2012

Telephony Ponderings

By Malcolm Davenport

The world of telephony’s pretty big. Sometimes, you can find yourself caught up in all of it, without a rudder, noodling on things that are just too big to answer. [...]

Astricon – Will you be there?

By Rusty Newton

AstriCon will soon be here.  As an Asterisk geek of over 6 years, I’m excited! As you may or may not know, my role here at Digium is to work [...]

Leverage the Cloud and Asterisk: Watch The Benefits Rain Down

By Julie Webb

Learn How To Leverage The Cloud To Your Asterisk Advantage Businesses are learning to integrate cloud-based communications and Asterisk. Now is your opportunity to join the Asterisk community, during AstriCon [...]

Allison – out of context?

By David Duffett

Twice a year in a small village near where I live, a radio station runs for about two weeks. It runs around this time (towards the end of August) and [...]

Asterisk Subject Matter Experts Continue to Grow with Onyx Tech Distribution as a New Training Partner in Latin America

By Gayle Magee

Los expertos de Asterisk están creciendo – Estamos orgullos de anunciar Onyx Tech Distribution como un compañero de entrenamiento nuevo en América Latina. Nuestros socios canales son una increíble comunidad [...]