Healthcare Providers Turning to UC for Flexibility and Savings

By Julie Webb

The Healthcare industry is rapidly evolving with new technological advances and Unified Communications is increasingly providing a much-needed solution.

All types of health provider-related organizations can benefit from implementing a UC solution, ranging from medical practices and dentist offices to small hospitals and pharmacies. Even those who specialize in providing IT and related services to the healthcare industry can attest to the benefits of Switchvox. Strategic Health Care, of Santa Barbara, California, is an information intelligence solution specializing in providing real-time analytical data for the healthcare industry. They implemented Switchvox within their own organization and realized a cost savings of more than $25,000 a year in user costs, alone.

While price point was a critical part of the decision process, the easy set-up and integration with their phones simplified the transition to the new system. Not to mention, that Switchvox was flexible enough to let the organization keep some critical functionality that had been tied to the old system.

“Among the reasons for selecting Digium was the flexibility of the Switchvox Unified Communications solution – the family of IP PBXs delivers web interface applications directly to the telephone handset. Known for its user-friendly edge with administrators, it also has a price point advantage. The business-critical features that businesses require today are already included in the price of the appliance, rather than priced separately as add-on features,” explains Cevin Doppmann, network engineer for Strategic Health Care. See additional healthcare success stories here.

Curious about how Switchvox can help your healthcare organization or business? Receive a free eBook with success stories on productivity gains, cost savings, and communications improvements: Download now.

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