Digium Phone API and SDK: New AstriCon 2012 Session

By Digium Webteam

Around the Digium office, everyone gets excited this time of year, because it’s like New Year’s Eve for Asterisk.  In just a little over a week, we will be gathering with all of our friends in Atlanta for Astricon 2012. It’s the time to celebrate another successful year of the world’s most popular open source telephony platform.  This year, we’ll hear big announcements, have informative break out sessions, listen to great speakers and of course have a big party!

As Asterisk continues to grow in both scope and adoption, everyone is curious to learn what’s been put in the current release, like the upcoming Asterisk 11, now in its release candidate state. There’s also interest in discussing what will be in future releases, like next year’s Asterisk 12.  For that discussion, we welcome developers to DevCon, held annually, just prior to Astricon.

For Digium, one of our biggest announcements over the past year was the introduction of our IP phones for Asterisk.  Digium’s phones have helped extend the power of Asterisk all the way to the desktop.  And, now that they’ve been available for a while, we thought that Astricon was the perfect opportunity to give people information about all of the APIs and software development tools available for the Digium phones. < crowd goes wild>

The Digium phone API allows integrators and customers the ability to integrate their business applications directly onto their desktop phone.  This can include applications such as enhanced call queue information, CRM screen pops, notifications, global directories, stock tickers, Tetris (okay maybe not a business application, but still a great app!) and many more.

In fact, many of you know Shaun Ruffell from his work on the DAHDI drivers for Digium’s telephony interface cards. < crowd chants Shaun! Shaun! Shaun!>  Lately, Shaun’s been dabbling in a different kind of hardware and will have a breakout session dedicated to the Digium phone API and SDK. Mark your calendars! This session is scheduled for Wednesday October 24th from 2-5pm.  Shaun will begin by providing an overview of the API and it capabilities and follow with building an actual application that runs on a Digium phone.  Like phones?  Like apps?  Heard of JavaScript?  Don’t miss this session!

Those of you in the Asterisk community continue to amaze us with your creativity. That’s why we cannot wait to see what great applications you will come up with when using Digium phones and Asterisk, together.

If you haven’t registered for Astricon yet, it is not too late.  You can register here.

See you in Atlanta!

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  • Kevlar says:

    Greetings, I’m going to be attending Astricon next week and taking the dCAP exam. I have over 2 years of on-hands experience with asterisk and currently have a rather larger amount of sites/systems that I have built and support. Yet, I have taken a few of the exams available online to test my asterisk knowledge and I’m feeling quite ignorant…which is odd since I’m an active administrator of so many production sites that I’ve supported well. It’s too late to take the classes by Digium. Any suggestions for crunching for my dCAP?

  • Billy Chia says:

    You can find details about the dCAP exam on our website:


    It will be helpful to be solidly familiar with the content covered in Asterisk the Definitive Guide.

    If you have additional questions, feel free to contact the training department and we can continue the conversation:


  • Orvil Juarez - Asterisk VICIdial Mexico says:

    This API and SDK looks great!!! Will be nice to play tetris on a Digium Phone 🙂 This will cause we can do more things for our customers in a easier way.

    Very good information.

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