Small Business Tax Deductions for 2012 – Are you taking advantage of Section 179?

By Betsy Pruitt
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One of the best small business tax deductions for 2012 is Section 179 for qualifying equipment purchases. In fact, it can actually enhance your bottom line. Instead of depreciating your asset over multiple years, Section 179 allows you to write off the entire amount all at once as an expense. Now, that’s a business stimulus you can use!

Here’s a quick example to show you the savings on a typical Switchvox phone system, which qualifies under Section 179.

Section 179 Small Business Tax Deductions 2012

Click image to enlarge.

Tax code can be complicated.  That’s why we’ve compiled a Section 179 Quick Summary Guide & Tips Sheet to help you learn more about this incredible U.S. tax incentive and see if you can take advantage of it.  Download the Section 179 Guide now.

Download the Section 179 Tax Deduction Guide

If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your company’s phone system to a new Unified Communication solution, there’s really never been a better time. Hurry, this tax deduction expires on December 31, 2012!

There Are 3 Comments

  • Betsy,

    Great post. It seems almost too good to be true. Here in the San Francisco Bay area we’ve had a pretty good business year with all of green, social and high tech organizations that are thriving. We’ve had several customers who’ve taken advantage of this substantial tax break.

    The only problem is that this particular tax deduction program ends soon and with lead times for installation, a decision would need to be made fairly quickly.

  • Betsy Pruitt says:

    Thanks, Randy! That’s really a great point…if someone wants to take advantage of this offer, they really need to act fast.

    I’m glad that you’ve had so many customers in the San Francisco area take advantage of this. BTW, I love following along with TeleDynamic’s blog…you guys are putting out a lot of great content!

  • Shannon Clemons says:

    Here’s a helpful article about expected changes in 2013. It looks like 2012 is the year to jump on this one!

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