Help for Hurricane Victims

By Jim Butler
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In the days following Hurricane Sandy, we have been staying in touch with many of our friends, customers and partners throughout the northeast who have been without essentials such as power, water, or internet. Similar to when we experienced the tornadoes and natural disasters near our Digium headquarters in the southeast, we have been encouraged by how quickly people have rallied together to help. In the past several days, employees have organized clothing and food drives to help with weekly deliveries – and local power crews have even made their way to assist with the restoration efforts.

We understand that the clean-up process is only just beginning and it may indeed take some time for businesses to get back on their feet. Today, we announced a program that will help people as they rebuild their communications systems too. Please know that the Digium family is keeping all of you who have been affected by this storm in our thoughts. Please contact us at 256-428-6262 to discuss how we can help you reconnect and rebuild.

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