Inside the Asterisk

Month: December 2012

Jump Start Your 2013

By Julie Webb

2013 Trends in Business Phone Systems – Frost & Sullivan Research Join us Jan. 9 at 2PM CST for trends in UC and tips for choosing a VoIP phone system [...]


By Malcolm Davenport

For those of you that are certain the world’s ending tomorrow, and who were worried that Digium hadn’t been thinking about your concerns, fear no more! Digium’s intrepid engineering team [...]

Happy Holidays from Digium

By Julie Webb

Warm wishes this holiday season and much success in the new year! [...]

Asterisk: Prompts I Wish I Had – Now Available in Asterisk Extra Sounds

By Rusty Newton

I’ve got a surprise for you and it may even be cooler than yesterday’s date (12/12/12 in case you were not paying attention)! You may or may have not heard [...]

2013 Trends in Business Phone Systems – Finding a Better Solution

By Angie Reed

Remember rotary phones? It’s hard to believe how much phones have changed through the years. It’s even more incredible to think about how much a phone system can do for [...]