News from the 4K Conference in Bogotá, Colombia – “Say hello to my little friend!”

By David Duffett
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Asterisk 11 and the DPMA - all in a cute little box!

On Tuesday and Wednesday of last week (December 4 and 5), a Who’s Who of the Latin American Open Source Telephony fraternity gathered to talk to each other, learn about new technologies, and just generally hang out in Bogotá.

Latin America is an exploding market for technology in general, and a handful of individuals from a number of relevant companies have come together to put on the 4K Conference, now in its second year.

The 4K Conference is first and foremost a conference put on by the Community for the Community (the photo shows the good people of the South American community that hosted the event). Although there is an exhibit area, it is secondary to the conference. This was visible by the fact that during the conference sessions (which were nearly all full), the exhibit area was virtually empty.  I used the opportunity to tell the assembled 200-ish folk about Asterisk 11, our current LTS release, and about the sorts of things we (Digium and the Asterisk Community) are working on for Asterisk 12.

One of the key features of Asterisk 11 is support for the rapidly emerging WebRTC functionality, which allows any browser to load a page (served by Asterisk, in this case) which has Real Time Communication (that’s the RTC part) capabilities.

This means that, in theory, at least, that all browsers will have access to voice and video communications – with no plug-ins, or additions of any kind.

In order to demo this functionality, I encouraged audience members with Google Chrome browser (which seems to be the only one compliant with the emerging WebRTC standards) to join my WiFi network and browse to a page that Asterisk was serving. This page was running the JsSIP application (pretty much a soft phone) that allowed them to call any number they wanted.

Those that called 600 were rewarded by this special message – kindly supplied by the wonderful Allison Smith, THE voice of Asterisk.
Bogotá Greeting – Allison Smith

The 4K conference was a great success, both for those that put on the event to spread the word (it is not a profit-making venture – that’s true community, right there!) and for those that were fortunate enough to attend.

The next one is rumored to be in Santiago – I might see you there!!

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  • James Randall says:

    Please tell us more about the Raspberry Pi Pictured above! To my most current knowledge, the DPMA binary has not yet been ported to ARM architechture as it is a closed source binary. I would love to see the availability of an ARM DPMA binary!

  • Hi James, there is no official ARM version of the DPMA. Since it’s Christmas, though, shoot me an e-mail to [email protected], and I’ll see what I can do 😉

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