2013 Trends in Business Phone Systems – Finding a Better Solution

By Angie Reed
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Remember rotary phones? It’s hard to believe how much phones have changed through the years. It’s even more incredible to think about how much a phone system can do for your business, today. Now, the question becomes: What should you expect in 2013 and which trends in business phone systems will actually help drive more results?

With Unified Communications providing more convenient and affordable access to a multitude of integrated features, Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) can have more than a phone system. When choosing the right UC solution, a company’s primary business communications tool (the once humble telephone) can now enable features that assist with customer service, productivity, advanced administration functions, and even enable mobility for greater flexibility in how and where employees work.

Even with access to so much advanced functionality, SMBs are still trying to understand the differences between phone systems and which features are worth the investment. In a recent report from leading industry analysts, Frost & Sullivan, it was noted that “In the current global economic climate, investments in communications technologies must be justified with the ability to increase sales and reduce costs.” In other words, price is still a huge factor, so SMBs are really looking to get the most bang for their buck, as the saying goes.

Perhaps that need to make smart investment decisions, along with the uncertainty of which features and systems really add up to the best value, is one reason many SMBs have not made the step to truly upgrade their phone systems. In fact, a recent study by Frost & Sullivan showed that 70 percent of global SMBs are still using legacy communications infrastructure; and, yet, 50 percent of these users are looking to implement an “advanced IP communications” solution in the next year or so.

If your business is among the many SMBs that are considering the jump to an upgraded phone system, then you may be interested in a new webinar: 2013 Trends in Business Phone Systems.

Elka Popova, program director and analyst for Frost & Sullivan, will join me to discuss the coming trends in phone systems, the role UC continues to play for SMBs, and how Digium’s UC solution provides an answer to SMBs’ search for the best value in business phone systems. I hope you’ll join us in one of our two upcoming sessions!

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