Asterisk: Prompts I Wish I Had – Now Available in Asterisk Extra Sounds

By Rusty Newton

I’ve got a surprise for you and it may even be cooler than yesterday’s date (12/12/12 in case you were not paying attention)! You may or may not have heard about “Asterisk Prompts I Wish I Had” – a collaboration between Steve Sokol of Digium and Allison Smith of The IVR Voice. The idea was to record a broad selection of funny and functional sound prompts, submitted by You, the Community of Asterisk users.

So now to the point – earlier this year the first set of recordings was released. Now, it’s available in Asterisk’s English extra sounds package!

There are a couple ways to get the new sounds:

– You can download the current tarball here in a variety of codec flavors

– You can check out the latest SVN version of Asterisk 1.8 or newer, then make sure to choose the Asterisk extra sounds package in menuselect before compiling.

You’ll find a list of all the sounds and what’s said in them inside the extra-sounds-en.txt file included in the tarball.

Don’t miss out on the sounds! Otherwise, you’ll be missing priceless Allison recordings, like:

“Due to the presence of zombies at the location you have dialed the office has been evacuated. Please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible, unless of course, the Apocalypse occurs first. In this event, we’ll likely have other priorities.”

Want to submit new sounds for inclusion into the next release of “Asterisk Prompts I Wish I Had?”

Get started now and  submit something cool!

Thanks again for everyone’s great submissions.

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