Inside the Asterisk

Month: February 2013

Your Asterisk module is loaded, but is it running?

By Rusty Newton

Often a tiny new feature can be just as exciting as a big one. Well, you should be aware of this tiny new feature in Asterisk Trunk (Asterisk 12 is [...]

Time to celebrate Pinnacle Partner award winners worldwide

By Shannon Clemons

  We may have celebrated Valentine’s Day last week, but today should officially be called Digium Partner Appreciation Day. Today we announced our Pinnacle Partner awards, celebrating the accomplishments of [...]

Legacy Phone Systems: Why Remodel a Dinosaur When You Can Upgrade to UC?

By Randy Kremlacek

Guest Blogger – Randy Kremlacek, Digium Authorized Select Partner and President/Owner – TeleDynamic Communications, Inc. The other day I got a call from the IT manager of a local manufacturing [...]

Happy Valentines Day – a phone love story

By Shannon Clemons

Like peanut butter and jelly or Romeo and Juliet, some things are just better together. The moment you connect a Digium phone to a Switchvox or Asterisk system, you know [...]

5 Ways to Survive Valentine’s Day

By Betsy Pruitt

No matter what your relationship status is this Valentine’s Day, Switchvox has the features to help you survive the holiday. Here are five quick reasons why you’ll love Digium’s award-winning [...]