A few bragging rights are due for Digium customers and converts

By Shannon Clemons

Notes from the floor of ITExpo…
It has been a great week talking with customers and IT folks who are looking for ways to solve their phone system challenges.

Even though we have spent the week in beautiful Miami, for ITEXPO 2013, we didn’t see much of the beach.

For that matter, we didn’t even get to see much of  the pool at the hotel.

But we did get to see a lot of our Digium booth, located in Asterisk World at ITEXPO.

That’s a good thing! Because it gave us the chance to meet so many new people.

In fact, we spent a lot of time in booth 901 showing everyone the advantages of our Digium IP phones for Asterisk and the benefits of our Switchvox UC solutions for small businesses. We received some terrific feedback, too.

Hearing back from customers who already using our solutions is one of the things I love most about going to trade shows, like this one. It gives me and the rest of the Digium team the chance to hear amazing customer success stories about VoIP innovations. Customers often stop by and tell us what they have created….and I would say they have earned bragging rights.

For example, Asterisk is helping businesses of all sizes manage huge call centers; connect multiple restaurant sites across the country; and handle calls for political campaigns.  While Asterisk  open source is behind the scenes powering many of these enterprise applications, our partners and community members continue innovating in ways that are quite impressive (we’ll share more details about these innovative applications, soon). They are truly a step ahead. That’s why it’s so good to hear that these same customers have also been excited to see our Digium IP phones – and knowing that the customization that is possible with the phones provides yet another way they can innovate with our Asterisk toolkit and telephony hardware.

On the other side of the booth, we have had business owners and IT managers stop by for a demo of our Swithvox UC solution. I am always interested to know why they are replacing an old proprietary system. One of the top reasons I keep hearing is because the outdated phone system does not help them stay competitive…and even worse, it is taking away from their bottom line.

It is great when you can help people solve everyday problems with great technology AND save them thousands of dollars. For example, during a demo yesterday, someone asked about visibility into call queues.  “We don’t know when we are missing calls or how to staff our contact center.” Other questions included: “How can we connect mobile phones? Can we record calls, get scheduled reports, conferencing, presence and easy access to admin features?”  Thanks to our clever engineers, all of the answers to those questions are “YES, our system does all that and all of those features are included for one affordable price.” It always feels good to be able to say that and know that a Digium solution really delivers on it!

As Will Rogers said, “it ain’t braggin’ if you can do it!”

And, if you missed us at ITEXPO, be sure to check out the ways you can connect with us at upcoming events – because we would love to hear from you, too!

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