5 Ways to Survive Valentine’s Day

By Betsy Pruitt
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No matter what your relationship status is this Valentine’s Day, Switchvox has the features to help you survive the holiday. Here are five quick reasons why you’ll love Digium’s award-winning phone system.

5 Ways to Survive Valentine's Day with a Switchvox Phone System

Find Me Follow Me Phone System Feature1)  Miss your sweetheart?

Feeling tied to your desk, worried your sweetheart might call the minute you get up? With Switchvox’s Find Me/Follow Me Call Cascading feature, you can easily route calls to your mobile phone, so if you don’t pick up your office phone within two rings, you’ll never miss a call from your sweetie again.

IVR Feature in Switchvox Phone Systems2) Looking for someone who really listens?

Might I suggest IVR? An Interactive voice response, or auto attendant, can easily be personalized to improve the customer experience for your callers. Switchvox makes it easy to configure an IVR that listens to your request and obeys your every demand. The result? People are quickly routed to the right spot in seconds. The sultry voice is optional, but we know someone that can help you with that too.

Presence in Switchvox Unified Communications3) Office crush?

Presence info isn’t just for office productivity. With Switchvox, presence lets you know if a cute co-worker is on the phone, away, or unavailable. Or, in other words, you’ll know if it’s a good time to pop on over to say hi.

Switchvox Phone System Call Rules4) Have someone your trying to avoid?

Sometimes, you may want to just hide out with call rules. Switchvox’s intuitive user interface makes it easy to use technology to screen calls when you need to and send them straight to voicemail. You can even record a special “it’s not you, it’s me” voicemail message just for them if you want, while the rest of your callers hear your normal voicemail message.

You'll Love Switchvox Unified Communications5) Long distance love?

Mi amore, long-distance charges should never keep you from talking to your Valentine (or the customers you love), wherever they are in the world. Reduce your monthly phone bill by 50% with a Unified Communications solution that takes advantage of affordable VoIP.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Get ready to fall in love with a Switchvox phone system just for you.

Switchvox solves more than just your Valentine’s Day dilemmas. See how it can improve your business’s functionality and help you save on your monthly phone bills. Sign up for our upcoming 5 Things You Should Know Before Choosing Your Next Phone System webinar, or join one of our weekly live Switchvox Demos to see these and more features in action. Once you see the system in action, it may very well be love at first sight.

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