Happy Valentines Day – a phone love story

By Shannon Clemons


IP phones that love Asterisk and Switchvox

Like peanut butter and jelly or Romeo and Juliet, some things are just better together. The moment you connect a Digium phone to a Switchvox or Asterisk system, you know it is love at first sight. These phones are designed to communicate with Asterisk or Switchvox Unified Communications systems in a way that no other phone on the market can do. Right out of the box, these two are destined to connect – making installation easier than ever before thanks to plug-and-play provisioning. All models include the Digium app engine, an innovative feature that makes it remarkably simple to build and deploy custom apps. It’s one of the many reasons customers love these IP phones.

A Switchvox system automatically recognizes and configures the Digium phones – so you can be talking in minutes. Check out one of these phone videos that highlight how sweet it is to improve communication in your office.

And, Digium phones love Asterisk systems too. The Digium Phone Module for Asterisk (DPMA) is an add-on module for the phones branch that acts as a secure gateway between the server and the phones.  The DPMA acts as a bridge, securely passing data between the phones and Asterisk using the SIP protocol. It manages provisioning, firmware updates and integration between phone applications and core Asterisk services.  Just like every great romance, these two really know how to communicate.

There are three  models to choose from, so there is sure to be a perfect match for everyone in your office.

  • Busy administrators and executives will appreciate the D70 with its 6-line keys and 10 rapid dial buttons with real-time status information and busy lamp field indicators; room for 100 of their most important contacts with status updates for the top 40 contacts.
  • For those with a few less calls to make but still desire a feature-rich phone, the 4-line D50 should be an ideal fit.
  • And, for the ones who love a good value, try the 2-line D40 – a comfortable fit for almost anyone in your organization.

Find your perfect match and see how sweet it is communicating with a phone system and phones that are destined to be together.

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