Astricon is 10 this year – We need YOU!

By David Duffett
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October this year sees the 10th AstriCon take place in Atlanta, GA – this is very fitting as it was the location of the very first AstriCon back in 2004, as well as last years event which proved to be a tremendous success.

What makes AstriCon so great is the special mix of people who participate, ranging from Telephony Geeks with Attitude to Insane Integrators and Crazy Consultants, and – of course – you (whether you fit into one of those categories or need a new one just for you!).

We’re already working on AstriCon 2013 and in addition to our ideas and the great feedback we got after last years event, we also need input from you on the following:

  • What tracks should we have this year?
  • What talks should we have this year?
  • Should we have some workshops in addition to lecture-style sessions?
  • How should we identify talks, so that the right audience finds them (do we need keys or meta tags, or will just the description do)?
  • With it being the 10th Anniversary AstriCon, how should we celebrate?
  • Who should be honoured at AstriCon? What for?
  • Should anything that has been part of previous AstriCons be dropped?
  • We’re aiming for 1000 attendees this year – do you have any special ideas to help achieve this?

The great thing about being a community is that there are lots of people to contribute to the shape of Asterisk and to the shape of AstriCon – so we are keen to hear your ideas.

Please send your ideas to me at [email protected] or just reply to this post.

Thanks, and see you in Atlanta!

There Are 19 Comments

  • Leif Madsen says:

    Will AstriCon be held at the same hotel again?

  • Hey Leif
    No! Being the 10th anniversary we thought we’d do something different, and aim for great WiFi and Cellular coverage 😉
    Watch this space for confirmation of the hotel and the exact dates…

  • Audrey Hicks says:

    Is there a particular reason why Astricon is more often hosted in EST ?
    When will Southern California have the privilege to see Astricon ?

  • Nerd Uno says:

    Great news. Can’t wait!!!

  • Hi Audrey, thanks for your question.
    In selecting a venue and location for AstriCon we consider a number of aspects including participant feedback, ease of travel (for both domestic and international travellers), size of accommodation (for the actual conference and, of course, number of bedrooms) and the expense (for us and for our guests).
    Having said all of that, it does feel like we’re due a show on the West Coast… Let’s see how things work out for AstriCon 2014!

  • Thanks for your enthusiasm Ward. We can’t wait to see you again either!

  • JWR says:

    Three things I’d like to know — When? When? and When?

  • Atlanta was a great location — glad to see it back there. David, thank you for all you do for the community and to make Astricon the smashing success it is! Construction on the 10-year commemorative Asterisk Dress starts today!

  • JWR says:

    It’s April! People need to make plans. Project schedules and other commitments are filling up dates fast… :>)

  • Hey JWR, thanks for your tenacity! Right now I can tell you it will be the week commencing October 7th, so probably 9th and 10th for the main event, with DevCon on the 7th and our PreCon day on the 8th…

  • Thanks for your kind words Allison. Can’t wait to see the new dress, neither can the whole community!

  • Leif Madsen says:

    When will the site be updated to contain useful information again? Where did all the videos go from previous years?

  • JWR says:

    Thanks, David. Just knowing October is enough. Gives a target to shoot at when setting schedules. See you there.

  • JWR – I suggest you get some glasses before shooting at any targets. Please see the first word of the blog post! 😉

  • Thanks for pointing that out Leif. The videos are now available at
    Is there any other useful information that is still missing?

  • We are all looking forward on dates and location so we can start scheduling fight tickets and hotel reservations. I hope that Astricon can be on Sheraton again, so we can use points we earn last year. By the way, I’m really missing all of you guys.

  • Hi Walgran, full venue details and dates for AstriCon 2013 are now published at

  • David. Excellent news!!!
    Just one info. Is there a code or special link to book the hotel with the special rates stated in the Astricon site “Conference rate of $169 per night is available until Friday, September 20th”? I followed the link to the hotel site, but a very higher rate (US$ 279,00) is there. By the way, congratulations for the excellent hotel for this year Astricon. I consider myself an Astricon addicted now.

  • Thanks for highlighting this Walgran. The group discount code “acoacoa” is now displayed on the venue and travel page of the website. This group code can be used on the hotel website when booking to reduce the nightly rate down to our special price of $169 for eligible dates.

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