Video: Quick Tour of the Digium IP Phone API

By Shaun Ruffell

Did you know that Digium IP Phones come with the Digium Phone App Engine built-in? The App Engine allows Digium’s business IP phones to run native applications that can communicate directly with Asterisk (using the DPMA) and Switchvox.

The Phone API allows you to create custom applications that run directly on your Digium IP Phone and enhance the user experience. Do you want weather or stock quotes displayed instead of the background graphic when your phone is sitting on your desk?  Want to display notes from your CRM database on inbound calls directly on your phone? With a little JavaScript this is now all possible.

In this 30-minute screencast I show how easy it is to get started writing your own applications for the phones.  It includes a tour of the resources available on the developer documentation site and I demonstrate some sample applications which can be found on my github.

What type of phone app would you like to create? Leave a comment and share.

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Shaun Ruffell

Shaun Ruffell, a Linux Kernel Developer at Digium since 2007, primarily works on DAHDI and Digium's Linux-based platforms.

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