Asterisk Developer Community – Making a Difference

By Matt Jordan
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For the past few months, much of the Asterisk Developer Community has been hard at work on Asterisk 12. While our focus has been on the major changes going into the next version of Asterisk, we in the community also have to maintain and support the existing Long Term Support (LTS) releases of Asterisk. On that front, there are two members of the community, in particular, who have gone above and beyond to assist with issues in the current LTS versions of Asterisk. We thought it important to recognize them as great examples of  how members within the developer community contribute to the project and make a difference.

Alec Davis (hailing from New Zealand!) and Michael Young (of Administrative Claim Service, Inc.) have each been a tremendous help on the past few versions of Asterisk 1.8 and Asterisk 11. Not only have they fixed issues in the SIP channel driver, IAX channel driver, and a number of Asterisk applications, but they have also helped numerous Asterisk users on the mailing lists and the issue tracker. If you see them on the mailing lists or in IRC – alecdavis and elguero – make sure you say “hello” and “thanks!”

It is due to the efforts of the entire Asterisk Developer Community that the Asterisk project is a continuing success – but we want to especially thank Alec and Michael for their dedication in helping make Asterisk the best Open Source framework for building communications applications!

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Matt Jordan

Matt Jordan is an Engineering Manager for the Open Source Software team at Digium, working on Asterisk. Matt joined the team in 2011, and since then has been involved in the development of both Asterisk and the Asterisk Test Suite. His background in software development can best be described as "eclectic", having worked in a variety of industries. Uniting the various experiences, however, is a firm belief in good software development practices and methodologies and the effect they have on producing quality software (and keeping software developers from going insane).

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