SysAdmin Day and Bacon Wallets: What could be better?

By Brian Ferguson
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Imagine for a minute a place where your network crashes constantly, printers are always offline, phones are consistently down, email barely works, and that annoying hourglass icon in Windows won’t go away… or the beach-ball-of-death on your MAC will not stop spinning!  Welcome to a world without a quality System Administrator on staff!

Did you know that Friday, July 26th is the 14th annual System Administrator Appreciation Day?  It’s also known as SAAD or SysAdmin Day for short. The nationally recognized day was created as a reminder to celebrate and thank the incredible individuals that do the often underappreciated, behind-the-scenes work that keeps a business up and running.

Digium is taking this great opportunity to not only thank our own SysAdmins, but to thank SysAdmins around the globe.  As a token of our appreciation, we have developed hilarious (yet informative!) images to post and share in honor of SysAdmins!

SysAdmin Appreciation Day

Click image to see all and download

If you’re a SysAdmin, use these shareable images to take a stand and get the credit you deserve on this year’s SysAdmin Appreciation Day. You can download any of these images and post, share, Like, Tweet, +1, make a Vine, or…well, you get the point. You can even download a banner and add it to your email signature so that you can make it well known the world can’t exist without SysAdmins, like you!

Not a SysAdmin? Well, you probably know one – or two. So, download the images and share them with all the SysAdmins out there to let them know how much you love and appreciate all they do for you.

That’s just the beginning. To further celebrate SysAdmins, I am launching a series of blog posts over the next few weeks looking at the “Top 6 Secrets to a Hassle-free Phone System.” The posts will discuss the common annoyances of phone system implementations and the ways you can make life easier – both for SysAdmins and everyone else in your office (but mainly SysAdmins!).  This month-long party of exciting blog posts and shareable images will culminate with a special webinbacon for SysAdminsar on August 20th, The SysAdmin Guide to Livin’ the Good Life:  Top 10 Secrets to a Hassle Free Phone System. As a SysAdmin, if you register and attend the webinar, you will receive a special SysAdmin discount to AstriCon 2013 . If you’re familiar with Asterisk, you know this is a big deal! This year’s 10th anniversary celebration event runs from October 8-10 in Atlanta.

But wait! There’s more!!! In addition to the informative and entertaining blog posts, the hilarious shareable images, the fact-filled webinar, and the great AstriCon discount…. everyone who attends the webinar be entered in a drawing to receive the always-stylish and ever-popular BACON WALLET!!!!

So put SysAdmin Appreciation Day on your calendar, download and share the hilarious images, watch for the blog posts, and we’ll see you at the webinar and at AstriCon!

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