Here’s to the unsung heros: SysAdmins

By Julie Webb

Sadly, I admit I am one of those people who drive our SysAdmins crazy.

How? For starters, we are supposed to use an online system to submit a request for help. This helps them track and prioritize support events. We are also required to say how many people are impacted by the particular support problem being reported. Again, this helps them prioritize which problems to tackle, first (obviously, the more people impacted the greater the urgency to resolve it). These are all perfectly reasonable requests – but I always manage to find a way around the system. Thus, my confession…here are the ways I drive our sysadmins crazy:

* When creating a support ticket  – I click the box that says “many people impacted” when in fact it may just be two (or, maybe just one – me!).

* When the popular color printer doesn’t work in our marketing department… I quickly call the IT help desk to report the issue – before trying any other solution. Inevitably, the SysAdmins asks, “Are you connected to the network?” Duh!

* When I break protocol and bypass the online help desk system completely(evidence above) and contact them via IM or worse, when I dare to darken their door step.

For all of these reasons that I drive our SysAdmins crazy (and for the many more reasons that I am too embarrassed to admit)… Today, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Digium’s own SysAdmins (though they have told me they aren’t all technically sysadmins) for not only putting up with my insane requests but for also fielding the request of my fellow Digiumites. Thank you Mark Badger, Rob Williams, Matt Brooks, Brad Burns, Chris Hozian and Patrick Anderson for your unending patience with us.

Happy SysAdmin Day Gentlemen!
Don’t forget to thank your SysAdmins for all the support they give you! The official SysAdmin Appreciation Day is Friday, July 26, but check out these easy ways to thank your SysAdmins all week long – just download and share!

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Julie Webb is the Marketing Communications (MARCOM) Director at Digium. She joined the company in January 2005 after spending many years in the telecommunications industry. Julie and her team are responsible for corporate branding and events, most notably AstriCon.

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