Phone hack – so easy even marketing can do it!

By Julie Webb

Continuing our week long celebration of SysAdmin Day (July 26th), we put together a quick video to show you how easy it is to change your idle screen on your Digium phone. We’ve even created a SysAdmin recognition image for admins to use. Enjoy!

Things to remember:

  • You can choose to change the screen graphic company-wide, or by groups, or by selecting specific extensions.
  • If someone has changed the screen graphic locally (meaning they uplaoded their own graphic through their switchboard), uploading a new company-wide screen graphic will override their graphic.
  • Once you decide to change the graphic back to the original graphic, all phones will revert back to the original graphic. Those that had a locally-set graphic will have to manually change theirs back to the one they set through their switchboard.

And the image:

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Julie Webb

Julie Webb is the Marketing Communications (MARCOM) Director at Digium. She joined the company in January 2005 after spending many years in the telecommunications industry. Julie and her team are responsible for corporate branding and events, most notably AstriCon.

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