Asterisk Videos on New YouTube Channel

By Billy Chia
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To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Astricon we’ll be adding videos to a new Asterisk YouTube channel each week leading up to this year’s Astricon in Atlanta. To kick off the fun we’ve created an Asterisk Integration playlist with tips and advice for using APIs, Adhearson and Dialplan scripting. Featuring experts in the Asterisk community like Ben Klang and Matt Riddell these videos are worth a view!

And, if you are into cool Asterisk APIs, be sure to be at Astricon this year with lots of talks related to ARI the new HTTP RESTful API in Asterisk 12.

Video: Supergluing Asterisk the Web with Adhearsion

Ben’s talk this year: What’s Next: How to charge more by reinventing cloud PBX services

Video: Using AMI from PHP (Asterisk Manager Interface)

Matt’s talk this year: AGI/AMI to ARI

Video: Dialplan Scripting for Non-Programmers

This year I’ll be presenting Asterisk 123

See more videos on YouTube

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