Video: Asterisk, HTML5 and Node.js

By Billy Chia

If you are a web developer, you know that Node.js is one of the most popular repositories on github, second only to Twitter’s Bootstrap. If you are VoIP integrator, you know that Asterisk is the most popular VoIP platform on the planet. So, what could be better than using the rapid JavaScript development provided by Node together with the powerful customizability of Asterisk? Find out how with today’s video.

To celebrate 10 years of Astricon we’re releasing new videos every week on our Asterisk YouTube channel that feature content from previous Astricon conferences. This week’s video comes from Dan Jenkins who demonstrated his Node.js based AMI framework for Asterisk at last year’s Astricon.

See Dan at this year’s Astricon: Bringing Real-time VoIP metrics to 2013

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