VoiP & Tell: Weekly VUC Call spotlights all things in communications

By Julie Webb

Each week Randy Resnick, host of VoIP Users Conference (VUC) aka VoIP & Tell, and other folks gather to discuss various topics related to communications over the Internet, be it VoIP, video conference, WebRTC or security. Randy’s guests are from open source projects, commercial companies, the people who make communications happen, and are often from major players in the VoIP or telco world.

Over the summer several of our Digium colleagues were interviewed by Randy. Most recently Erin Spiceland, Software Engineer, spoke of her background and some of her recent projects.

Be sure to check out Randy’s YouTube Channel for previous episodes! If you would like to meet Randy, Erin or other folks featured in VUC programs, please join us at AstriCon. Many of the folks will be in Atlanta, October 8-10th. Register now using AC13VUC to receive 20% off registration.¬†Thank you Randy for your support of the Asterisk Community.

VoIP Users Conference (VUC) aka VoIP & Tell meets every Friday at 12 noon Eastern US Time.

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  • Ashwin says:

    I am also facing the CALL WAITING ISSUE. The DROPPED PERCENT IS ONLY 2.22 and in the 8 hours of calling an agent will only get 150 calls to speak. I did not find any solution for this and since we were facing some other problem my we cleared the caches and junks in the asterisk and then it started working good.After doing this the DROPPED PERCENT came to 16 and each agent got 400 calls to speak.. But after few day again the same problem exists…Can any one find a solution for this..We are not able to identify where the error would be…Please guide us …

    thank u
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